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“Oceans Heart” is a poetic translation that depicts the heart of the sea, the beating soul of the water and the lifeline that nourishes all life on earth. This work explores the deepest secrets of the ocean, where mystery and beauty merge and the immeasurable power of the sea determines the fate of everything. It expresses a deep love and reverence for the ocean, admiration for its grandeur and power, and calls for a connection.

The Beating Heart comes in many forms, each a reflection of the bond between humans and nature. "Oceans Heart" is a specific manifestation of this admiration and respect, which is incorporated here. This is a tribute to my love for the blue depths, and hopefully I can share this love with everyone who sees this beauty too.

For enquiries: please contact Jeske Haak at

Polished bronze, Light Fitting
H18 L8 W8 CM
Edition of 8 + 1 AP
SOLD 1/8

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