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Crown of the Sea, this sculpture tells the future story form the romantic perspective. In this story there is a creature with a form that is inspired by a combination of corals, fish and jellyfish. It will tell the story of gardening coral, this is a methode to create healthy eco-systems. This will benefit the organisms of the underwater world with a better quality of life and in the long run, a better future. 

Crown of the sea is part of Faces of the Sea. Faces of the Sea is a work about the future of the underwater world. Where the different faces represent different storylines of the future scenarios. This can be a romantic story or a dark story. The story of these "faces" will be showed in different elements.

For enquiries: please contact Jeske Haak at

Polished bronze, Patina bronze, Light fitting 
H85 L25 W25 CM
Edition of 6 + 2 AP

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